Serving Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding communities

Have you ever wondered how to care for your home while you’re wintering or summering elsewhere? Despite power outages, extreme weather, and the normal effects of time, we can eliminate your fears about the ongoing upkeep and management of your valuable assets … while you’re away.

Last year alone, we saved our clients over a quarter of a million dollars in potential repairs by being in the property and watching for potential problems. The Second Home Management Company provides year-round peace of mind for second homeowners in Western North Carolina and Brunswick County. From protecting your home when you’re away for extended periods of time, to creating an inviting home for your arrival, we are there when you can’t be.

Many things can happen to your home while you’re away. That is why you need a reliable home watch provider.

When you’re away, your home cannot protect itself.
New homes are the most vulnerable of all. Electrical, plumbing, and heating systems have not been time-tested.

A home unattended is a home at risk.
Whether you are in the mountains or at the coast, humidity erosion, salt air and water intrusion are common problems. Any home could be the target of termites, carpenter bees, and other burrowing insects that can damage support beams and valuable decking.

You need professionals to keep an eye on things.
Neighbors, family members, and even alarm systems aren’t enough if you truly want to protect your valuable investment. You need the experience and resources of home management professionals… like us.


If you’re considering buying a vacation (or primary) home in the scenic mountains of Western North Carolina or in Brunswick County, let us protect you and your investment. We provide a comprehensive home management service including:

  • Providing a complete and thorough inspection by our licensed Home Inspectors before you close on the sale, identifying present and potential problems
  • Perform a radon test, as well as water and air quality testing
  • Make sure the builder completes the remaining punch list of to do items if you just closed on a new home
  • Ensure your home is safe and ready for your arrival if you are moving in soon

Relax… we’ll take care of it!


Our Housewarming Service protects and maintains your clients’ homes, thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale. We will also:

  • Prepare the home for your next open house to get the place looking (and smelling) desirable
  • Provide a complete and thorough Home Inspection before you list the house so you can get the highest sale price. A Sellers’ Home Inspection eliminates those last-minute surprises that can be both confusing and costly.

Relax… we’ll take care of it!